A Second Curse, part 2

…just because it’s my birthday, here’s what I’ve been working on!

It wouldn’t be a great meal, but at least it would be a meal, he thought, priming his bow. He focused on the black creature slithering away, waiting for it to line up better with his shot.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

And his arrow flew true.

The serpent creature let loose a scream and dashed.

“Son of a bitch.” He spit and gave chase. He hadn’t seen anything in days in this frozen expanse of wilds. He had to eat something!

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A second curse.

My NaNo is everywhere this year! I’m still working on Onan’s House, and Returning to Return, which is just so much fun…

But, hey, look, an idea!

He leaned his weight on the gate and found it unlocked, and easily swung open, and what he saw made his breath catch. In the paths, in the well mannered plots of winter vegetables, among the looms where furs dried, bodies. Maybe forty or so, slain grotesquely, everywhere he looked. Armored warriors had their limbs turned in unnatural positions, mothers were clutching bloodied rags that once were their children, claws and talons leaving their marks in unarmored flesh. The air carried no smell of rot. The attack must not have been long past.

I should go get ready for work…

The Big Step.



We had our immigration meeting, me and the manthing. Of course, they schedule it SEVEN HOURS AWAY from where he lives, and hey, its another country for me regardless so, fucking yay.


We fixed up his car and made the trip, thankfully in one piece. I was kind of excited, and kind of nervous. I mean, it’s a car trip. Who enjoys car trips when you’re literally rushing to a destination and aren’t going to enjoy a single second of it?


But, somehow, we made it… enjoyable. Together. Like, I was really worried I’d sleep the whole time and he’d be crabby about driving the whole time but I literally took a thirty minute nap on the way home and that was it. The nap was mostly because the hotel we got sucked so bad I think we both managed three minutes of sleep.


The best part about everything was that even though every single step before this one has been massively delayed. 30 days became 60, 30 became 45, weeks became months.


This time? Two weeks was literally the day after.


It was a sign that even though we have been squabbling a bit that everything will be alright. We still can’t get enough of one another, we can play games in silence or watch anime together, we can do anything and everything and it’ll be alright.


I just would like this step to be over so we can get on to the next step of ‘immigration officers want to visit whenever they feel like it to make sure we’re actually married.’



AND NANO IS NOT GOING WELL AT ALL. I blame Terra. We both suck this year. But, I’m also not gonna cheap out. THIS POST ISN’T BEING ADDED TO MY WORD COUNT.