The Prisoner

Hello. Come take a seat, I promise the dungeon floor isn’t too cold this time of year.

I’m Meilin. I write with a focus on high fantasy (& a gratuitous amount of fanfiction).

I like to use writing to explore human interaction and themes. My focus tends to be disgustingly tender love, but I also like to explore violence, sex, and the taboo. For me, writing is play, not an endorsement of the actions I’ve put on paper.

If you know me, you’ve surely heard me say that my head is filled with paper dolls, dolls who are demanding and have their own personalities and goals that they demand of me.

So come, stay a while, I will let my dolls dance upon the stage from the confines of my cell. I encourage you to only engage as far as you’re comfortable, then leave me to my cell when you tire of me.

Also, if you’re related to me, CLOSE THE PAGE. Just DO NOT.

One thought on “The Prisoner”

  1. Hey Meilin! This is Jordan, a.k.a. Ravensmage of Quetzalcoatl. I am not sure how well you remember our adventures, but I remember them well. The Usual Suspects…6 man grouping in La Theine Plateau for the first time with you, Kolid, the two samurai lovers that slip my mind, Aaida and myself. Some of my fondest early video game memories. It has been years and years since we set out in Vana’diel, but I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello and that I hope all is well with you and your brother!

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