The Fence Upon Which One Sits

I don’t really put a lot of time talking about my sexuality because, like many things, it’s a thing that doesn’t really concern the greater population.

I’m pretty fucking bisexual though. I go with ‘gender blind’ a lot because, well, I don’t really care? If I’m attracted to a person, I’m attracted to a person. That’s what makes up some of me, so I would… mostly prefer that people accepted and vaguely respected that?

I mostly brush off the comments about being straight because I married a man. I have horrible gut wrenching anxieties, especially when drunk, that I am a very, very bad lesbian.

…but it really hurts something extra when my dearest friends insinuate I’m not.. enough. That I don’t belong. That I really am just straight.

One of them did jump right in because I get tongue tied out of bisexual guilt and it’s an exhausting fight to keep treading on a constant basis.


Just because my legs dangle over the edge doesn’t mean I’m not here.

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