The Most Intimate?

Follow up to “I know you.”

A transformation. The most intimate, revealing of all the skills at one’s disposal. A mere familiar should not have been able to cast it. It wasn’t just her essence that perfumed the air, it was her very soul that turned the quiet space of the room into a wail.

The transformation was both beautiful and painful. From her fingertips birthed long claws that bled in bleeding white. Her skin turned to fine white porcelain, glued together with rivers of gold that bloomed into haphazard flowers. Those clawed hands came up to cover the eyes that all color had bled from as golden halos rested skewed on her hips, one becoming a collar tight to her neck. 

As she stood tall, no longer a mortal, no longer a familiar, wisp, or prankful shade, she lowered her hands from her eyes. Now blinded, a delicate, red haze settled over her face. It was hardly holding together, the outline barely a shape. 

Azem, the Fourteenth.

There was no denying who she was anymore. No more pretending not to notice her laugh was the same as the friend they saw off for a long trip only a few hours ago. No more ignoring the tilt of her head, the hesitant curl of her fingers.


Azem from the future.

Meilin finally decided it was time to sit up and shake herself go of the arms that weren’t technically hers to rest in. “I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to pull that off, and come back out of it.”

    “Reckless woman.”

    “Can you indulge me for a second?” Meilin turned around to face him, the same yellow eyes that she truly, deeply loved on the first catching hers again. “Where are we right now? Uh.. you and this Azem. The full one.” 

    “What sort of nonsense are you trying to pry from me?”

    “The memories I have are pretty thin. You did a horrible job of preserving me.”

    “I would do no such thing, you did a horrible job of listening to them.”

    A giggle again.


    A sigh. “Upon my return from Elpis I have a summons at the Words of Mitron to finalize my proposal of a union. You don’t know I went to ask.”

    “Oh, I know how this one goes!” Meilin smiled. “Thank you.”


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