The other night, this happened.

[FC]<Kiyohime Sakura> the level 1 job quest should really give you a coffin or something
[FC]<Mifee Brew> something to bury our future enemies in
[FC]<Kiyohime Sakura> I meant a coffin of equipment but that works too xd
[FC]<Meilin Kikkano> coffer, ya goose
[FC]<Cecile Lothaire> LOL
[FC]<Meilin Kikkano> coffins are full of dead people
[FC]<Meilin Kikkano> coffers are full of gear
[FC]<Kiyohime Sakura> o
[FC]<Cecile Lothaire> so, ya want a nice coffin. ROFL

This got absolutely stuck in my braincase, so I wrote this. Sorry Kiyohime.

    The glow of the several taverns leaked out into the alleyways, both in light and noise. A small woman dashed to and fro from the lights, poking her head into the doorways before apologizing and dashing along to the next one. Her tail peeped from the bottom of her cloak, following her head back and forth as she traveled. 

    Finally, she spied what she was looking for, and dashed over the threshold of the door. 

“I have solved all of our equipment problems!” Kyio slammed a sheet of paper down onto the tavern table in front of a party of three “A dungeon full of coffers! The client only wants one marked with a family symbol, and the rest are for us to do with as we please!” She crumpled the paper up to her chest and sighed before anyone had a chance to look, her hood sliding back as her pink ears flicked in excitement. “Finally, some armor that isn’t falling apart, though, they asked for this to be completed discreetly so I guess I have to go alone? Cecile, can I borrow some bolts?”

    Cecile slid a package of bolts across the table barely looking away from her glass, one white fur trimmed ear turned to Meilin and Mifee, the other flicking away with a dismissive air. The group  waved Kyio off for luck, but there was a growing uneasiness that something was wrong.

    “Did… did anyone get a good look at that posting?” Meilin put a finger to her lips in a desperate act of concentration between the three large mugs of beer empty at her place. 

   Several nights passed, drinks were had, and nobody had heard from Kiyo. Finally, she kicked down the tavern door, beaming in pride as she giddily marched up to their table. She was wearing a fresh set of platemail. 

    “Guys, oh my god. There were coffins as far as the eye could see.” She thumped at her chest. “Look at it! It’s amazing!”

    “Wow, that is impressive.” Cecile leaned in to admire the construction of her party member’s new gear. “And all this was for one out of the lot of them?”

    “We’re gonna be dressed to meet our makers!” Mifee laughed, swinging his arm around Kiyo’s neck and taking a gulp of his drink.

    “Yeah!” Kiyo sat and waved down the barmaid for a drink. “I popped a few open because there were just so many of these coffins but I was able to combine a few and they are all on the horses out there.”

    “Wait. Kiyo. Can I see the posting?” Meilin put her drink down less than gently, the tips of her ears starting to tremble.

    “Why? The jobs done.” She started to rifle through her bag. “All it said was that they were looking for one coffin with a specific marking.”

    “Kiyo.” Meilin’s voice lowered. “Were there bones in the coffers?” Mifee’s face paled as he lowered his mug, the sudden realization of Meilin’s anger making him instantly sober. 

    “Well, yeah, but it’s a dungeon so you know, the whole woooo spooky dungeon thing.” Kiyo waved their arms about. 

    “Kiyo.” Meilin slammed both hands onto the table and stood up, her chair toppling backwards. Cecile had jumped up behind Kiyo, putting her hands on both of her shoulders. “Coffers,” she stressed the word, pointing directly at the cat that was shrinking in the verbal spotlight. “Are full of treasure. Coffins,” again, with the stress starting to silence even the rowdy din of the tavern with the hiss of her voice. “Are full of dead people!” Meilin opened her arms to exaggerate her point as she bellowed, hands tensed with rage. 



    “Yes?” The pitch of her voice got higher, followed by the sound of metal trembling on it’s wearer.

    “Did you,” Mifee jumped forward to cover Meilin’s mouth, but failed to silence the following words that sent the entire tavern into silence.  “Grave rob!?” 

    “I… Yes?”

    “Take it off! Right now! All of it!!”

    The next morning, Kiyo was escorted to the local adventurers hall by her companions wearing little more than a burlap sack after she was unceremoniously stripped of the accidentally pillaged grave goods. Following her demotion back to sprout, she also was tasked with redressing and reorganizing the grave she so thoroughly defiled while the other three stood watch, taking turns drowning their disbelief in beer.

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