Fireworks and Goldfish

Fireworks and Goldfish is something I wrote some time ago but it’s one of my favorite pieces that I feel like I ruin whenever I edit it. It’s also one of the inspirations for my handle of ‘Dream Hostage’.


I fussed over a quiet fire, fanning a meal of meat and some kind of wild berry. I had been recruited as a mercenary to do a search and seizure with a few others. We had obtained our target but deemed it too risky to go on in the quickly fading daylight. We camped a good seven hundred feet away from our targets camp. The monsters we were tracking were known to only move in the daylight hours, preferring their camps while under the moonlight. The group we were tracking had no visible night guards; still, we decided that we would take turns keeping night watch after our meal was consumed.

My companions were vastly different then I. Each one came from a homeland three days travel closer to the empire city then my home. Their combat styles were varied and unique with skills ranging from novice to quite skilled. We talked softly around the fire, pausing at each pop and crackle as fat rolled off out dinner into the flames, scared we had missed a guard in our initial scout.

“These hot nights are going to be the death of me.” Remarked one of my companions.

“This is nothing compared to the days at home!” Responded another. She was tanned by many years of sun.

Another grabbed a hollowed log we tossed aside as poor firewood, drumming out a soft tune about summer heat. He was a minstrel and a mercenary, a talented lad indeed.

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