U can enjoy the box

And so, my new job is pretty amazing. Everyone is very friendly and was excited to meet me. They said I already looked like part of the staff. I totally was covered in kids by the end of the day. There was this little girl who was clearly not having a happy day. I don’t know if she understood much English, but everyone understands high fives! Soon, she was in my arms and didn’t want me to leave.

I am the baby whisperer.

I feel comfortable here. The center is very homey. It’s a little dingy here or there, buuuut maybe in time I can fix that. I’m already planning on updating their horridly out of date in classroom computers.

At least the money is good and I work a real, full day.

To compliment my amazing first day, my Comicon tickets came in! I get to meet John Barrowman! I’m so excited. Also, I miss going to cons.

My kigu, big pajamas, also came in, which I wore all night long because holy fuck are they amazing.

Lastly, my Wii U came in! I ordered the special Zelda one because I kick myself every day for missing out on the Zelda 3DS. More sadly is that I have no plans on hooking it up. Everything in my room is covered in sawdust or paint or some construction supply right now. I rather not have one more thing ruined. All my manga are developing a humidity curl in them because they aren’t on a bookcase. My normal books have been knocked over and kicked over and over, and my posters are all dented.

So, I’ll look at the pretty box for now. When my room actually gets done, I’m sure I’ll actually have enough money for the games I want to try out.

The best part about working full time is that I still get two hours to sit on my ass while the kids sleep. I’m reading through the Hannibal series now. Children and cannibals! What could be better?!

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