Turn that might into a totally.

This is totally one of the better weeks of my life.

I got the job. I start in two weeks. I get a real paycheck and some extra training. I don’t care if I have to slog through bullshit to get it, I’ll be getting it and that’s what matters.

Then I get to leave and take my skillset to someone who won’t make me slog though a fraction of that bullshit.

(I was also so incredibly sick this morning, but I’m better now and I refuse to let that ruin my mood.)

XIV starts back up tomorrow, it’s the last of the beta’s before I get the game back for good, which makes me happy.

Saturday I get to see my sweetie and we get to go to a summer fest together. I’m gonna make it my goal to buy a nice bento box sometime before work starts so I can have my own cute little lunches BECAUSE FUCK THE OTHER PEOPLE.

I am happy today.

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