The Internet is Not A Lonely Place

In class yesterday we did an exercise to explore feelings. On a folded piece of paper, we were to draw a face expressing one emotion (my professor asked us to avoid happy/sad), and write the emotion on the inside, then write any emotion (happy/sad included) on the back side.

Since I’m utterly devoid of drawing talent again, I drew an emoticon. It’s a face that conveys an emotion, dammit.

So, I doodled:



And people actually got that. Woo! Since I was slightly out of ideas, I simply cried on the back (T_T)

It was an exercise to have kids explore emotions, the draw on the back deal was to determine something about us as a person. Everyone guessed I would have another ‘happy’ or ‘positive’ emotion on the back. When I flipped it over, everyone laughed, and said I spent way too much time on the internet, which I agreed to.

My professor concluded that it was weird that I’m going into such a people-heavy profession (teaching), yet I spend so much time online.

But.. the internet is so much more people-heavy than most people believe… Even outside of social networking (which is arguably mostly people you have met outside the monitor)!

If I pop online, I can chit chat to my boyfriend, like I have for the past seven years. I can bring up a list of people I have met over various games and we can bitch about our days or jump into a random video game. I frequently pour a drink and toast to the microphone with a group of people over skype. Some of my fondest friends came from the weirdest places… and they were all online. Granted, as I got older, I did meet up with most of them for real life shenanigans, but it’s not rare to find me with my headset off and not chatting someone up.

I don’t need to spend my Fridays out at a bar when I get to chat up my sensei and cackle madly about anime. Super Static Sundays bring together some of my favorite people for several hours of mayhem. I’ve got an art-wifey who does awesome art for me, and plenty of friends who support me in practically everything I do, even though I have limited ideas what their real names are!

I’ve gotten plenty of folk leaving me birthday wishes today and the only phonecall I’ve gotten is from my dad!

I have a writing group that meets only once a month, but we chatter via the internet.

How am I alone?

(Special love to my Final Fantasy family. You guys, no matter how old or new, from XI to XIV, have been the best things to ever grace my days. Though you all drive me goddamned batty sometimes, I wouldn’t trade our misadventures for anything. Long may we run under the neon pink of AkaiTenshi!)

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